Arch support work boots - Ergonx Elements

Work boots that support your feet – Arch support work boots

When we are treating workers with foot pain, often their feet are not being supported and cushioned enough during the work day.

When our feet are allowed to over pronate (roll inwards too far) it can strain the muscles, joints and ligaments of the feet. Over time this can cause pain in the feet and overuse injuries.

In the podiatry clinic we often use orthotic insoles to add greater support to the feet. This limits the amount the feet roll in and can help with foot aches and pains.

It is a common misconception that when we fit an orthotic insole into a workboot, the orthotic will do all of the work. This could not be further from the truth.

A supportive well fitted work boot is essential to have comfortable feet at work.

At Active Care Podiatry we use workboots that function similarly to running shoes and have the added protection features of a safety boot.

Work boots like the Ergonx Elements range help to support an cushion your feet and will lead to less foot pain. The Ergonx workboots will also be able to take a fully customized orthotic insole if your podiatrist decides that you need greater support than the “off the shelf” orthotic that is included in the ergonx workboots.

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