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How do I treat my thick toenails?

As podiatrists we constantly have patients visit due to difficulty managing thickened toenails. This thickening can occur for a number of reasons. Fungal infections, repeated trauma to the nails and other systemic are just some of the causes. Podiatrists have specialised equipment to manage toenails like this. Medical grade clippers, scalpels and sanding machines allow […]

How Podiatrists can help with treating Achilles Tendinopathy

Does the back of your heel cause you pain? Does your Achilles feel stiff or is there a nodule that has formed? Achilles tendinopathy is a degenerative or overuse injury that affects either the attachment or mid-portion of the Achilles tendon. Achilles injuries can be caused by either extrinsic factors like over-training and poor footwear, […]