Ingrown toenail infection can cause pain and discomfort around any of the toenails Most ingrown toenails occur on the first toe

Treatment options for Ingrown Toenails

When dealing with ingrown toenails, especially ones that are recurring, there are several treatment options available. The method that provides the best chance of improvement involves removing the edge of the nail under local anaesthetic. After removal the nail wedge the base of the nail has an acid applied to it. This acid prevents future nail growth in this area. This causes the nail to permanently become narrower, but reduces regrowth issues for those with particularly curved nails. This procedure can also be completed without burning the base, however it does not stop ingrown nails that are caused by natural shape.

The second option involves the conservative care of the nail over a period of time. By removing small amounts of nail the problematic nail can come close enough to the end to be removed without the need for local anaesthetic (or the needles that inject it). There is a lower chance of success with this method as the nail may not decrease in pain enough for the ailing part of the nail to be removed.

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