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Four conditions where leg pain may be more than it seems

Many health practitioners and specialists preach about the benefits of walking, but what about when it causes leg pains? There are known benefits to our body with walking, lower rates of heart disease and some cancers, but what about when our legs ache during and after walking. Here is some information about four non-arthritic conditions […]

Stress fractures of the foot

Stress fractures are thin hairline fractures that mostly affect the weight-bearing bones in the body. Unlike regular fractures that result from a single severe impact, stress fractures result from repeated or excessive stress over an extended period of time. The most common sites of stress fractures in the foot are the metatarsal bones, the five […]

How to manage a painful Achilles tendon

Whether you’re running and cycling, or even just standing and walking, your Achilles tendon is constantly placed under high amounts of stress. Inflammation and pain in this tendon ( above the back of the heel) is commonly experienced by many Australians and it presents as a dull ache that is worse in the mornings plus […]

The Benefits of Regular Stretching

Stretching is a great aid to maintaining a healthy body. It has many benefits that are reachable with consistent and meaningful effort. Some of these benefits include: Improved body flexibility Whether you’re someone who is sprinting across a football field, performing a dance routine on stage or running around after your children, flexibility allows the […]