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Orthotics are designed to change the ground that lies under our feet. Whether that involves more support for our arches or more cushioning for the ball of our foot, these changes are designed to help the way our foot functions.

Custom made orthotics are specifically designed to correct abnormal foot motions

Are Orthotics a Life Sentence?

When faced with foot pain or discomfort, many individuals are prescribed orthotics as a solution. However, a common concern arises: are orthotics a life sentence? The simple answer is no. Orthotics are not a permanent crutch but rather a valuable tool in the journey towards foot health and overall well-being. Understanding Orthotics Orthotics are custom-made […]

Arch support work boots - Ergonx Elements

How to find the perfect work boot

Picture your work boots as the groundwork of a structure – if it’s robust and steadfast, the edifice above it stands tall and secure. A top-notch work boot mirrors this concept; it supports and safeguards your feet form the trauma throughout the day. Attributes of a great Work Boot: Hazards of Substandard Boots Sporting ill-fitting […]

Corns and callus can be painful and a site for infection

Why do calluses form on the side of the big toe

Calluses are a common foot condition that can affect anyone, causing thickened, hardened areas of skin to develop. While they may seem harmless, calluses can lead to discomfort and even pain if left untreated. One area where calluses frequently form is on the side of the big toe. In this blog post, we’ll explore what […]

New Year, New Shoes: How to tell if your Running Shoes need Replacing

As a dedicated runner, you understand the importance of investing in quality running shoes. But now that the new year has rolled around, how do you know when it’s time to bid farewell to your trusty pair and welcome in a new set of kicks? As a podiatrist with experience in the running shoe retail […]

How to identify the right sandals this summer

When it comes to keeping your feet happy and healthy during the warmer months, finding the right pair of sandals is crucial. Podiatrists, experts in foot health, often have valuable insights into the best options to support your feet. We’ll explore what sandals podiatrists recommend, their preferred shoe brands, and suitable alternatives to thongs. Podiatrists […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Shoes for Diabetic Patients

When it comes to managing diabetes, proper foot care is of utmost importance. Diabetic patients often experience foot-related complications, making it crucial to wear appropriate footwear that promotes comfort, support, and overall foot health. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when selecting shoes for diabetic patients and address common questions […]