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Injury Prevention for Netballers

Netball is the most popular sport by participation in Australia. It is a fast-paced, dynamic sport with lots of rapid starts and stops, jumping and landing. Netball has a high rate of injury, which makes sense due to the force that is applied to the feet, knees and ankles. Whilst some injuries are unavoidable in […]

Podiatrists and the Everyday Runner

Foot and lower leg pains are dealt with by experienced and amateur runners alike. But where do podiatrists fit in this equation? With a wide range of knowledge, podiatrists can be helpful for runners of all levels. Muscle tightness, old injuries and footwear choices are just some of the factors that can mean the difference […]

What does pain mean at the ball of your foot?

Forefoot pain is a common issue suffered by many Australians. Due to the constant forces it is subjected to during walking and standing a number of different types of injuries and pains can occur. These can normally be categorised into one of three different causes. Achy forefeet that get progressively worse normally occur due to […]

What can you expect when visiting the Podiatrist?

Many people don’t know what to expect when visiting the podiatrist for the first time. There are a few elements to the podiatrist that are similar to visiting any other medical professional, whether it’s a physiotherapist or a GP. Firstly your podiatrist will take a detailed history of the problem or injury that you are […]

Stress fractures of the foot

Stress fractures are thin hairline fractures that mostly affect the weight-bearing bones in the body. Unlike regular fractures that result from a single severe impact, stress fractures result from repeated or excessive stress over an extended period of time. The most common sites of stress fractures in the foot are the metatarsal bones, the five […]

How to manage a painful Achilles tendon

Whether you’re running and cycling, or even just standing and walking, your Achilles tendon is constantly placed under high amounts of stress. Inflammation and pain in this tendon ( above the back of the heel) is commonly experienced by many Australians and it presents as a dull ache that is worse in the mornings plus […]