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If you are seeking a routine treatment, replacement orthotics or just general footwear advice, Active Care Podiatry has the treatment for you.
At Active Care Podiatry, we are committed to finding a solution to your foot and lower limb pain. We work alongside other health care professionals such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists and general practitioners, and we believe that this holistic approach helps us to achieve exceptional results.


Custom Soft Orthotics

At Active Care Podiatry, we use a unique range of custom soft orthotics to treat foot pain. Our custom soft orthotics are more suitable for sports and general day-to-day wear than more traditional hard orthotics.

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Video Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis is used to slow and analyze walking (gait). Even when walking, some of the movements of the foot happen so quickly they are hard to catch with the naked eye. By recording and slowing the walking motion we are more able to and more accurately able to diagnose and treat foot pain.

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Routine and General Treatment

At Active Care Podiatry, we are more than happy to take care of your routine and general podiatry needs.
Please call our reception to arrange a time today.

Innovative Nail Surgery

Permanent treatment for repeatedly ingrown nails is available. At our Capalaba clinic, we are able to perform a permanent fix for ingrown nails. . This means a quicker and less painful recovery from surgery.

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