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Are Orthotics Bad for You?

In the world of podiatry, custom foot orthotics have been a subject of both praise and scepticism. For some, they’re hailed as a miracle solution for various foot ailments, while others raise concerns about their potential drawbacks. One prevalent myth that often circulates is whether orthotics are bad for you. Let’s delve into this topic […]

Why Am I Experiencing Pain Along the Outside of My Ankle?

Peroneal tendon pain is a common issue that can cause discomfort on the outer side of your ankle. It’s essential to understand why this pain occurs and how to effectively treat it. Peroneal tendon pain occurs on the outer side of the ankle due to issues with the peroneal tendons. These tendons play a crucial […]

Foot Push Up Test

What is the Foot Push Up Test? It’s a quick way to check to see if your arches are performing their important functions. It’s quick, easy and you can perform the test anywhere. Healthy, strong arches are a crucial part of having healthy, pain-free and injury-free feet. It is important not to underestimate pain and […]

For Healthy Aging, Strengthen Your Feet

Everything is connected in life—even in our bodies. That means we shouldn’t overlook any part of our bodies when it comes to health, including our oft-neglected feet. In fact, our feet could be considered the foundation of our physical wellness, particularly as we age.