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Custom made soft orthotics

Custom soft orthotics – a more comfortable orthotic

Custom soft orthotics – a more comfortable orthotic People regularly tell us that their orthoitcs are too hard to wear when running. These patients are often wearing orthotics that are very old. Fortunately with the advance in cnc milling technology we are able to manufacture orthotics to suit you toerance. Our Eva foam orthotics can […]

What are Plantar Warts – and How to Get Rid of Them

Plantar warts are a common condition affecting people of all ages. Whilst warts can appear all over the body, plantar warts are exclusive to the sole of the foot and sides of the toes. Plantar warts differ as they are subject to much greater pressure. This pressure, caused from standing on them, causes the warts […]

Heel Callous and Cracked Heels – There is a solution

Cracking of thickened skin on the feet is common especially around the heels. Thick cracked heel callous is not only unsightly, but if the cracks are deep enough they can often cause localised infection. The cracks form because the heel takes more than its fair share of pressure in walking. This Causes the skin of […]

Can I visit the podiatrist under the current shutdown? – Yes

The Australian government has classed Podiatry as an essential service.  We are currently operating under the “social distancing” guidelines as suggested. We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe on your visit to the clinic. Please call the clinic on 38235423 if you have any questions about your safety. Thanks as always […]