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Can I visit the podiatrist under the current shutdown? – Yes

The Australian government has classed Podiatry as an essential service.  We are currently operating under the “social distancing” guidelines as suggested. We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe on your visit to the clinic. Please call the clinic on 38235423 if you have any questions about your safety. Thanks as always […]

Extra measures to keep you safe when you visit Active Care Podiatry

At Active Care Podiatry we are going to great lengths to ensure that your visit is a safe as possible. What are these extra steps? You will notice when you arrive at the clinic that you will be required to use hand sanitizer as you enter the clinic. When you enter the clinic you will […]

We are open – Extra steps we are taking to make your visit safe

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to let you know that our clinic is open and we are doing everything on our end to maintain a safe environment with extra hand washing, hand sanitizers and a policy to turn away any client or practitioner who is sick or has recently traveled […]

Are Calluses Actually Bad for Your Feet? See What Podiatrists Say

Have you noticed a hardening or thickening of your skin underfoot? Wondering what it is? While typically there is little need to be alarmed, calluses should be kept in check to prevent health issues from developing. Calluses may be unsightly or even annoying, but that doesn’t mean they’re always bad for your health since they […]

Standing at work: 5 exercises to strengthen your lower body and build endurance

When it comes to standing all day for work, it’s not just supportive shoes and breaks that help us avoid pain and injury — strengthening your lower body can help build your endurance. Here are 5 simple and quick exercises that will help to strengthen your lower limbs and core, and increase your ability to […]

Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen your Calf Muscles

When your foot strikes the ground, the functional stability of the whole kinetic chain relies on a strong and agile base. Yet that base is often neglected in training routines. And while calf strength is important, stretching and mobility are critical as well. “The whole complex needs to work together all the way up the […]