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Are Calluses Actually Bad for Your Feet? See What Podiatrists Say

Have you noticed a hardening or thickening of your skin underfoot? Wondering what it is? While typically there is little need to be alarmed, calluses should be kept in check to prevent health issues from developing. Calluses may be unsightly or even annoying, but that doesn’t mean they’re always bad for your health since they […]

Standing at work: 5 exercises to strengthen your lower body and build endurance

When it comes to standing all day for work, it’s not just supportive shoes and breaks that help us avoid pain and injury — strengthening your lower body can help build your endurance. Here are 5 simple and quick exercises that will help to strengthen your lower limbs and core, and increase your ability to […]

Fungal Nails

Discolored toenails can be a sign of something more sinister.

If you suffer from fungal nails please call our Capalaba podiatry clinic on 3823 5423 to book an assessment today. Fungal nails can be an embarrassing and in some cases a painful condition. Fungal nails can affect one nail or the entire foot simultaneously. The fungi that cause the infection are usually a combination of […]