What causes pain across the top of my foot?

Pain across the top of the foot is a common complaint for podiatry patients. One of the more common, but more serious conditions are midfoot stress fractures, in particular the navicular bone. It often presents as a midfoot ache that comes on after activity. This pain can spread to the arch and across the rest of the foot as well.

The navicular is one of the main bones responsible for maintaining the arch on the inside of the foot. As a result it is subjected to lots of force and pressure. It has lacking blood flow as well, leaving it more susceptible to delayed or reduced healing. It commonly occurs in highly active individuals with tight calves, but can occur in just about anyone with flat feet.

A visit to the podiatrist is necessary to determine the severity of the bone injury, which is diagnosed through x-ray, and to decide an ongoing plan to achieve the best possible healing result. Call our clinic on (07) 3823 5423 to see one of our podiatrists regarding your sore feet.