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Diabetes: Foot & Skin Related Complications

Diabetes can cause serious complications, including problems with feet and skin. Here are some tips on how to prevent or treat common foot and skin problems before they become serious. Knowing when to contact your healthcare provider about possible complications from diabetes is critical in preventing complications. LEARN MORE

Foot Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often accompanied by changes in the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine and lower extremities. This is often due to multiple factors including weight gain and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Changes that occur within feet can include Changes in foot length, width and arch height, Changes in joint mobility, Calf swelling, cramping […]

Beat holiday stress with a pair of running shoes…

Stress at the holidays – December can be a stressful time with mounting to-do lists that include fighting shopping crowds, packed schedules, travelling, difficult relatives, gift shopping, financial strain, and other pressures. It can also be difficult for people dealing with any kind of family conflict, loss, breakup or loneliness. It’s the perfect time to get […]

Diabetes week 2020

Learn about Diabetes and your feet

When high blood sugar affects nerves and blood vessels, they loose their ability to function. This leaves the person with nerve and blood vessel damage at a higher risk of foot trauma (they can’t feel it) and with a reduced capacity to deal with the foot trauma (the blood vessels can’t get blood to the area). The […]