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Foot Health and Aging

With age, feet are at risk of developing more problems. The condition of your feet can provide early indications of diabetes, arthritis or circulatory disease. It’s important to watch for early warning signs such as dry skin, brittle nails, burning and tingling sensations, feelings of cold, numbness, and discoloration. LEARN MORE

Is stretching really that important?

You’ve probably been told over and over that you should stretch both before and after activity, but if you are like many people you tend to skip this part and don’t see any adverse consequences. So why should you bother? Stretching can help increase your range of motion, improve sports performance, prevent DOMS (delayed onset […]

Ingrown Nails:

Ingrown nails commonly occur on the first toe and to a lesser extent on the small toes. They arise from a nail spike splitting from the nail plate and penetrating the surrounding nail sulcus. The most common causes of ingrown nails are poor cutting technique, nail trauma, hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet), and poorly fitting footwear. READ […]