What to do about your ‘Pump Bump’?

Pump bumps, also known as Haglund’s deformities, are caused by changes to the back of your heel bone where the Achilles tendon attaches. When we have tight calf muscles, or wear shoes that repeatedly apply pressure to the area, our body forms a protective response. This response is for the bone to thicken in a way that protects the area, and therefore enlarges creating a ‘pump bump’.

This attachment point is also protected by small sacs of fluid called bursa. As the bone enlarges these bursa are compressed, causing inflammation, redness and additional swelling.

Treatment for pump bumps involves managing the symptoms. Whilst the bony growth is irreversible, padding in footwear to reduce friction, heel lifts and/or orthotics to reduce muscle pull, stretching exercises to reduce muscle tightness are some of the ways the symptoms can be managed and reduced.

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For more information see: https://docpods.com/foot-pain-info/retrocalcaneal-exostosis/