Picking the Right Pair of Running Shoes

Now that weather has finally started cooling down, some of you may decide it’s time again to lace up those runners again and get back on the track. Before you do that make sure to have a close look at those shoes, especially if they’re over a year old. Many shoes lose their cushioning with not only use but time as well. When there’s not enough cushioning under foot our risk of injury increases, and we don’t want to spend those weeks nursing an injury when we could be on the road!

If you’re in need of a fresh pair of shoes here are some things to look out for when finding your next set:

  1. Stable Midsole – When testing new shoes grab the heel and toe of the shoes and attempt to twist it around. Shoes should be stable enough to resist this movement. Too much flexibility and it forces the muscles and joints of the lower leg to work much harder.
  2. Strong Heel Counter – The back of shoe (where it holds your heel bone) should have a piece of plastic that resists force. Doing so reduces movement of your foot and heel, protecting them when your heel hits the ground.
  3. Comfort – The perfect shoe for you is one that suits the way your foot moves. If someone tells you a shoe is the best support for your foot, but doesn’t feel comfortable, then it’s not for you! Make sure that when trying it on and walking it feels well suited to your foot.

Whilst there are many other factors to look for, these three things will get you started towards a shoe that fits and feels perfect. If you have more questions or are concerned about other foot issues call (07) 3823 5423 to book an appointment with one of our podiatrists.