Flat feet are often associated with foot pain

Pronation & Over Pronation

Pronation (when our foot ‘rolls in’) is the normal movement our foot makes in order to absorb the shock of ground impact as well as adapt to uneven terrain. During the movement our foot moves slightly towards the mid-line of the body after hitting the ground.

Over pronation refers to the abnormal motion of the foot when it rolls in too far towards the mid-line of the body, or rolls in at an irregular time during the walking motion. Abnormal pronation is one of the most common mechanical causes of pain in the foot, and over time it can lead to a wide variety of conditions through compensation.

This excessive pronation of the foot increases the strain on the ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles of the foot. This individually is not problematic, but when repeated over time this compounds until overuse injuries begin to occur. These injuries make up a large portion of modern day foot injuries.

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