Picking the Right Pair of Shoes

Not sure what to look for in a pair of shoes? Dozens of pairs in your wardrobe but none that feel quite right? Wearing the right shoes is an important step in keeping our feet healthy and happy. Everyday your feet walk thousands of steps and your shoes are an important factor in protecting them each day.

When we wear a pair of shoes that place our feet into a compromised position or force the muscles of the legs to work harder, it can lead to pain and injuries. Flexible shoes, shoes that are tight fitting, and shoes that are too hard or even too soft can be the cause of common foot injuries and soreness. 

Your podiatrist can assess how your feet move, and from that advise you on the best elements to look for in a new pair of shoes. Business shoes, sports shoes and even casual shoes come in all different levels of support and structure, and your podiatrist can help to point you towards finding the right one for your feet. 

If you would like to see one of our podiatrists regarding footwear advice call our clinic on (07) 3823 5423 to book an appointment.

For more information on footwear characteristics and what to look for in a pair of shoes click here.

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