5 Steps for Fitter Feet for People Aged 65 & Over

1. Look closer

By looking at your feet every day you can check for cracks, sores, infections or dry skin. This is especially important if you have diabetes or chronic health issues. See your podiatrist if you spot anything to avoid complications.

2. Feeling comfortable?

Check that your shoes give you the support you deserve and don’t rub or cause aching feet. It’s amazing the difference they can make. Speak to your local podiatrist for footwear recommendations.

3. Slow and steady

Think about the activities you’d like to do and break them down into smaller more manageable goals. Even short walks can build up to longer treks, the first steps are always the hardest.

4. Stretch and reflect

Gentle warm up and stretching after exercise are key in keeping your feet (and body) happy and healthy. If you notice pain or discomfort since increasing activity speak to a podiatrist for advice.

5. Keep checking in

Often we don’t feel like being active. When we wait to feel in the mood for exercise it often never comes. All it takes is for you to commit five minutes to starting your planned activity and off you go.

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