Common Causes of Burning Feet

Many people resign themselves to painful burning or numb feet, thinking this is a normal change in the body with age. Whilst this can be caused by conditions like diabetes or by treatments like chemotherapy, there are other reasons for this sensation to occur. One of the common causes of this is, especially in the ball of the foot, are Morton’s Neuromas. 

The metatarsals are the bones that make up the ball of your foot. There are 5, corresponding to each of your toes, and between them run a combination of muscles, nerves and blood vessels. When our foot rolls in excessively, or we wear shoes that are too tight the metatarsals of the foot are compressed, and with it the structures between them. 

Morton’s Neuromas form as a benign swelling of the nerves that run between the metatarsals. When the nerves are compressed over and over again they increase in size. Unfortunately as they become bigger they are more likely to become squeezed more and further irritated.

Podiatrists can help in a number of ways. By supporting the foot in a position that minimises the pressure on the area and releasing the tight muscles that contribute to the squeezing, the burning and numbness can be improved greatly. 

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