A flexible flatfoot deformity gives the appearance of fallen arches.

Flat Feet: what does it mean?

“My arches have collapsed, my arches have fallen, my feet are flat as a pancake.” These are some of things we hear when talking about the shape of our feet. For most of us, the condition this refers to is a flexible flat foot.

When talking about flat feet we generally refer to the collapse of the arch along the inside of our foot. When standing our body weight causes our arch height to drop, resulting in changes to our foot alignment and function.

When untreated, flat feet can lead to a large number of foot and lower limb symptoms. Heel, arch and knee pain are some of the problems that can occur due to the increased muscle loading that flat feet cause.

The most important way to manage flat feet is to support your feet by wearing supportive and stable footwear, and supplementing them with an orthotic or innersole where needed. Strengthening the muscles of the foot and lower limb is also beneficial for reducing pain.

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