How to manage Bunions

Bunions are a progressive condition of the big toe joint, where a bony lump forms and the toe begins to point back towards the outside of the foot. The nature of the condition can differ with minor bunions causing lots of pain whilst large deformities can be pain free.

Whilst bunions are rarely caused by a single factor the result is usually the same, a foot that excessively rolls in towards the body mid-line. This rolling in motion causes the joint of the big toe to get jammed up. Whilst jammed up the toe is no longer able to move about a normal range of motion, and our gait changes to accommodate this.

This change asks more work to be done by our big toe causing irritation of the bone. This causes the bone to grow in an attempt to protect itself, which causes more restriction again in a repeated cycle.

Treatment is focused on correcting the underlying biomechanical factors. Whilst bony changes are irreversible (without surgery) the foot function can be improved to reduce pain and stop the condition from worsening. For assistance with painful bunions call our clinic on (07) 3823 5423 to visit one of our Podiatrists.