Common Foot Conditions in Children

Here at Active Care Podiatry, we see a range of children’s foot conditions. Some of the most common conditions we see and treat are:

Severs Condition

Severs is a common condition we see affecting the heel. Irritation of the growth plate in the heel bone causes pain when the Achilles tendon repeatedly pulls at the bone when running or walking. This is most frequently seen in active kids or kids that have recently undergone a big growth spurt. Correct footwear, stretches and orthotics are all great for relieving pressure on the heel bone, and getting kids running around pain free.

Plantar Warts (Verruca)

Plantar warts are another common complaint we see at the clinic. Especially in summer months, when we are back in the swimming pool, warts can rear their ugly heads. Warts are caused by a virus that lives in wet, warm environments. When they find an opening (generally through small cuts) they plant themselves in the skin and are very stubborn to get rid of. By scraping away the superficial layer, we can apply an acid solution directly on the wart. With consistent treatment warts can be well managed and disappear completely.

Flat Feet

Flat feet in children is a common question we’re asked about at the clinic. The main conditions we deal with involve children with joint hypermobility. When there is an excessive amount of movement, the joints of the feet and legs can move past what we consider a normal range. This forces the muscles to work harder to accommodate this extra range. Children with hypermobility may also have problems with tired legs and struggle with longer days of walking. Hypermobility can be managed with supportive footwear and orthotics, to improve alignment and reduce the load on muscles.

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