Why is it painful to put pressure on my big toe?

Pain can occur under the big toe and it’s joint due to a number of different conditions. One of the more concerning conditions is sesamoiditis. This is where the sesamoid bones, which are two small bones that lie under the big toe joint, become inflamed. These bones are crucial for the function of the big toe whilst walking and damage to them cause long-term complications.

These bones can become inflamed due to a person’s gait or due to overuse in sports like dance. It is necessary to reduce pressure on both the bones plus the big toe as the sesamoids have limited blood flow, which reduces their ability to heal.

Treatment consists of stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot and reduce tension on the big toe. This is assisted through the use of supportive footwear and orthotic devices to further deflect pressure. If you are suffering from painful feet call our clinic at (07) 3823 5423 to see one of podiatrists.