What shoes to wear this winter?

With winter just around the corner it is important to check the condition of our winter footwear. Thankfully in Queensland we do not need to worry about the freezing and slippery weather seen elsewhere around the world. However there are still some important things to look for before we start wearing the shoes that have been sitting in the cupboard all summer.

The first thing to check is the support of the shoe. Shoes that are several years old tend to wear down. Repeated use causes the midsole to compress, allowing your foot to move more within the shoe. This puts more forces through your feet and the muscles that control them. A simple test is called the dead shoe test. Grab the front of your shoe and bend it downwards (as if it bend it in half). A shoe that easily flexes in this direction has often lost the support.

The second check is simple, check the comfort. Shoes that have stiffened due to age or never suited your feet in the first place are often very uncomfortable. Everyone’s feet moves in a certain way and your shoes need to support that. The comfort of a pair is pretty good indicator as to whether or not they’ll serve you well this winter.

Simple enclosed shoes with laces to lock you in (like the Ecco Soft 7 or the Bared Skua) offer a great combination of support in both the sole and upper of the shoe. The best fit is always achieved with a proper fitting and try-on in store. If you would like further advice on what shoes may suit book an appointment with one of our podiatrists on (07) 3823 5423.