Injury Prevention for Netballers

Netball is the most popular sport by participation in Australia. It is a fast-paced, dynamic sport with lots of rapid starts and stops, jumping and landing. Netball has a high rate of injury, which makes sense due to the force that is applied to the feet, knees and ankles. Whilst some injuries are unavoidable in netball, injury prevention plays a massive part in keeping players on the court as much as possible.

The first way we prevent injuries is through support around our feet. Gait analysis may reveal potential abnormalities that can increase our injury risk. For most netballers supportive shoes with a strong midsole and heel support are enough to reduce the pressures on their joints. In the case of feet with abnormal movement orthotics are used to distribute the pressure more evenly and deload the joints further.

The second way is through proper preparation, warm-up and cool-down. Improving your match day fitness and completing sport specific exercises helps to reduce your risk of soft tissue injuries. Lastly the use of strapping is helpful for protecting the joints too.

If you’re about to start a new netball season, a visit to the podiatrist can help to prepare you for an injury-free season. Call our clinic on (07) 3823 5423 to book an appointment.