What is a Richie Brace

In most conditions of the foot, traditional orthotics offer sufficient support when offloading pressure. Certain more complex or chronic cases may require further support. In these cases, we generally use a device called a Richie Brace.

Richie Braces are a custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) designed to control the foot and ankle and prevent the need for surgical intervention. The device includes a custom foot plate attached to semi-rigid lower leg stabilisers. This controls the foot and ankle as it tries to roll in or out. The device also allows additional modifications to restrict movement in different directions.

An impression cast of the foot and lower leg is taken to create the Richie Brace. This means minimal issues with wear-in and precise support in the required areas. The device is also lightweight and low-profile making it more convenient over full length AFOs.

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic foot pain, here at Active Care Podiatry we can use Richie Braces to help reduce your pain. Call our clinic on (07) 3823 5423 to make an appointment.