What does pain mean at the ball of your foot?

Forefoot pain is a common issue suffered by many Australians. Due to the constant forces it is subjected to during walking and standing a number of different types of injuries and pains can occur. These can normally be categorised into one of three different causes.

Achy forefeet that get progressively worse normally occur due to a bony cause. Injuries that increase in pain as the hours on your feet go up, as well as injuries that cause sharp shooting pains with standing can be signs of bony cause. These injuries can be caused by both trauma as well as overuse.

Painful feet first thing in the morning where the pain settles as you get moving are often caused by a soft-tissue or muscular injury. These injuries are mainly caused by overuse, although trauma can cause them too. The pain often returns when the foot “cools down” before you begin to move again.

The third injury relates to nerve related pain. This can occur in the form of burning, numbness or any other form of altered sensation in the front of the foot. This occurs due to overuse creating nerve irritation or entrapment. This often occurs due to certain types of activity (e.g. jumping) or from particular footwear.

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