How Orthotics can Influence Knee Pain

One of the most commonly asked questions in regards to orthotics is “will they help with my knee pain?” Knee pain in it’s many forms is experienced by countless Australians on a day to day basis. The foot and it’s vicinity to the knee means that they both have a large influence on one another.

The main way the feet influence the knees is through their positioning. By this we mean that a foot rolling inwards causes the shin bone to rotate in the same direction placing more stress on the inside of the knee. This also occurs in the opposite for feet moving outwards. This means that flexible feet that move through a large range during walking create a similarly large range for the knee to move through too.

Orthotics work to stabilise and minimise the movement of the foot. By doing so this will reduce their influence on the knee. Whilst knee pain can be caused by other problems, both locally and from the hips and back, orthotics can help to reduce pains that the feet may cause.

If you are concerned about knee pains and feel your feet may be a part of the problem, a visit to the podiatrist can help to identify potential problems and they can help to get you feeling as healthy as possible. Call our clinic at (07) 3823 5423 to see one of our podiatrists.