How to get used to your orthotics?

Orthotics can be a difficult thing for our feet to get used to. Our feet have a certain way of walking, a way that we have done for years. Orthotics often ask our feet to move in a different way and this can take a bit of getting used to. Here at Active Care we have a few tips that can help patients get used to a new pair of orthotics:

  • Wear them in gradually. It takes a while for the muscles to adjust to a new position, as well as your nerves that communicate with them! Wearing them in by an hour or so additionally each day will give them time to adjust comfortably.
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. The more you stretch and mobilise the muscles of your feet and lower legs, the more pliable they become. This gives you more chance of adjusting to the extra support of the orthotics in a comfortable way.
  • Try different shoes. Your orthotics may push in different ways depending on the shoe they are in. Getting used to them in wider deeper shoes can help the orthotics sit flat and push only in the areas they are supposed to.
  • See your Podiatrist. If all else fails a visit to the podiatrist is a must. Almost all orthotics can be adjusted in some way to get them feeling better. Just remember, orthotics are only doing their job if you can actually tolerate them.

Come and see one of our Podiatrists if you have an orthotics-related question or any others. Call (07) 3823 5423 to book an appointment.