How can Podiatrists help with Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition relating to the damage of nerves leading to numbness, weakness and tingling. Neuropathy can occur due to local and systemic causes. The most damaging element of neuropathy is the loss of protective sensation, especially in the feet. This protective sensation is what tells us our foot is under trauma. This can include standing on something sharp or the way our shoe is rubbing on our skin. When we lose this sensation we can damage ourselves extensively without knowing, leading to serious injuries and potential complications.

For local causes of neuropathy the cause is generally an impingement of the nerve. Podiatrists can offload and move the foot to reduce the compression of nerves in the foot. This allows the nerve to return to normal and provide the sensation we need. Systemic causes of neuropathy are much trickier. Conditions like Charcot-Marie-Tooth and diabetes cause degeneration of the nerves themselves. In these cases there is no cure to the nerve damage itself. Podiatrists help by designing innersoles to spread the pressure as evenly as possible and caring for skin that break down and ulcerate.

If you’re concerned about numbness or tingling in your feet a visit to the podiatrist may reveal what is happening. Call (07) 3823 5423 to book an appointment.