Why visit a podiatrist

Can anything be done about my bunions?

Bunions are a frustrating and often painful deformation that affects many Australians. Repeated trauma to the joint causes the bone and soft tissue to change resulting in the bony prominence and turned toe that many see. Improvement to the joint is dependent on the severity of the damage done.

For most cases the bony changes cannot be undone without surgery. This procedure involves shaving excessive bone and realigning the big toe. The downfall of this procedure is the long painful recovery period, and bunions can still return after the procedure if the initial cause is not addressed.

The conservative options involves improving the function of the big toe joint and reducing the stresses on it. Manual therapy of the joint and surrounding muscles plus supportive footwear and innersoles allows the big toe to function as well as possible and reduce further deterioration of the joint.

If you are dealing with bunions book an appointment with one of our podiatrists to make a plan and help improve it.