Why is my child pigeon-toed?

Child in-toeing, or pigeon toes, is a common question we are asked about as podiatrists. It refers to when our feet point inward when walking, instead of straight ahead. It is actually quite a common condition in young children, with roughly 30% of children showing in-toeing by the age of 4. Thankfully most cases are mild and correct themselves before or during puberty and only 4% of the adult population retains this problem.

In-toeing can be caused by bone deformities, muscular imbalances, movement disorders, or in some cases a combination of multiple things. Fortunately most cases of in-toeing fall into the normal category that holds no threats to the normal development of the child.

In most cases in-toeing corrects itself and no treatment is required. However in cases where there is exaggerated in-toeing, or if it is causing problems like regular tripping there are treatment options available to improve the condition. The most consistent treatment uses a combination of orthotic devices and supportive footwear with regular manual therapy to get the best result.

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