Corns and callus can be painful and a site for infection

Why do we get hard skin on our big toes?

The big toe serves the main role in late stage propulsion when we walk. It is the last point that touches the ground with each step we take. Anatomically it works best with a slight foot angle outwards and the toe flexing straight over it’s mid-line. But for many people the big toe is not able to function this way. Muscle imbalances and compensation leads to overuse, and with that comes increased pressure.

The skin along the inside of our big toe is already subjected to a large amount of pressure. When we increase this pressure through increased load, whether through biomechanics or certain activities, the skin becomes harder as a way of protecting itself. Feet that are overly flexible or those with tight calves are especially susceptible to these types of overload.

Thankfully this skin is easily managed by the podiatrist. Removal with a scalpel is quick and pain-free and can be done without numbing. If you are dealing with hard skin anywhere on your feet call our clinic at (07) 3823 5423 to see one of our podiatrists.