Why do my orthotics make my feet hurt?

When wearing new orthotics, especially if it is your first ever pair, a common complaint is the pain that they can cause. But why does something designed to help you recover make them sore in the first place?

Our feet all work in a unique and individual way. When we wear orthotics we are asking our feet to now move in a way that they are not used to. The pain that occurs is due to certain muscles now being asked to work in a different way as well as your arch now being asked to take some of the pressure away from the heel and ball of your foot.

In the long run this will prove beneficial but your foot takes time to get used to these pressures. That is why a plan to wear in and adjust to the orthotics gets the best results. If, even after a long period of time, the orthotics still don’t feel comfortable a visit to your podiatrist is necessary to adjust them to a suitable level of support.