Why do my orthotics feel different in different shoes?

One of the regular questions we are asked about orthotics is about how they feel in different shoes. In some pairs they feel great and support the feet in the best way whilst in others they feel less supportive, or the support doesn’t feel like it’s sitting in the right spot. But how does this happen if the orthotics are the same?

If we think about the orthotics as the structure that supports, then the shoes play the part of the foundation for them to sit on. Like a building, poor or improper support under the orthotic can prevent them from properly doing their job. Soft shoes allow the orthotics to bend under foot losing the support under foot, likewise narrow or shallow shoes can bulge under the orthotics and push them up in different spots.

Shoes with a supportive midsole and a strong heel counter will be best for supporting the orthotic and allowing it to support your feet best. If you are struggling to find the right shoes to fit your orthotics a discussion with your podiatrist may be necessary.