What to do about blisters?

We’ve all had blisters. Whether trying to break in a new pair of shoes, exercising for the first time in a while or walking too far in ‘that’ pair of shoes, they’re a common thing for most. But what specifically causes them? And why are some of us more prone to blisters then others?

Blisters are caused by rubbing or shear forces. The most common causes are ill-fitting footwear or foreign bodies that cause the skin to become so irritated that a lesion forms as a protective response. Our foot biomechanics also play a large part, making some of us much more prone to blisters. If you have very flexible feet that roll in a lot, your foot is likely to move much more whilst walking. As well if you are prone to sweaty feet this can lead to irritation more frequently than others.

Wearing the right shoes is the most important factor when preventing blisters. The right shoes conforms to our foot in the right way, whilst preventing movement that exacerbates blisters. Stretches and exercises, as well as supportive innersoles, also play a part in reducing and preventing blisters.

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