What are Plantar Warts – and How to Get Rid of Them

Plantar warts are a common condition affecting people of all ages. Whilst warts can appear all over the body, plantar warts are exclusive to the sole of the foot and sides of the toes.

Plantar warts differ as they are subject to much greater pressure. This pressure, caused from standing on them, causes the warts to grow inwards. This becomes quite painful due to the compression of the underlying tissue.

Warts occur when human papillomavirus enters the body. They are most commonly acquired in public showers and change rooms, where the virus enters the body through open wounds on the foot. 

With enough time most warts do resolve themselves, however this varies greatly from person to person and it can take a number of years for some to heal. With the help of a Podiatrist they can be treated much more quickly.

For treatment, your Podiatrist will first debride any of the dead, warty tissue covering the plantar wart. They will then apply a strong acid solution and cover the wart. This will be repeated weekly until the wart is removed. 

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