Ingrown toenails can be treated by our Podiatrist at Victoria Point

Treatment options for ingrown toenails

Permanent treatment for repeatedly ingrown nails is available at our Capalaba clinic. Ingrown nails commonly occur on the first toe and to a lesser extent on the small toes.

They arise from a nail spike splitting from the nail plate and penetrating the surrounding nail sulcus. This will initially cause some discomfort; however, as the nail grows the spike is forced deeper into the nail sulcus which can cause a portal for infection. Following infection, a tight, throbbing inflamed toe will result and the nail spike will prevent the wound from healing.

Treatment is aimed at correcting the most likely cause. Conservative trimming of the nail is attempted to relieve the symptoms; however, if the ingrown nail is a recurrent problem, a surgical wedge resection and matrix sterilization will be the best option for a permanent cure. This can be performed under local anesthetic in day surgery. If you are having problems with recurring ingrown nail issues, we can help.

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