Top ways to have your feet summer ready

It warms up pretty quickly here in Queensland. Blink and suddenly winter is over and the temperature has started climbing. With the warmer weather of spring and summer around the corner you’ll probably want to slip on a pair of sandals or thongs. So here are some tips to get your feet looking great for summer.

How to deal with cracked heels

Do you get dry skin generally? Do you get cracked heels during summer, when you’re barefoot or wearing sandals?

Regularly wearing shoes and socks can help to retain moisture in the skin and stop feet drying out. A podiatrist can help by getting rid of cracks and dry skin and you can self manage with regular use of moisturiser and a pumice stone.

How to deal with nail infections

Thick or discoloured nails can be embarrassing, making us reluctant to ditch the shoes and socks when summer comes. These infections occur when fungus gets under the nail and eats away at the nail from underneath. The nail can become thick and crumbly when you cut them.

Over-the-counter products are effective in treating fungal nails but it is necessary to be consistent and rigorous. Podiatrists can help by trimming the nails and thinning them out to make them more manageable.

How to deal with warts

Warts or verrucae occur with the spread of the human papillomavirus (HPV) from skin to skin. The virus enters through micro wounds on your feet creating a circular lesion that is painful to squeeze.

There are a large number of OTC products to help treat a wart, but if you have a particularly stubborn wart a podiatrist can help with the treatment.

Top tips to have your feet sandal ready

  • Soak your feet for 5 minutes in warm salty water, especially if you have any skin or nail infections you are concerned about
  • Buff any areas of callous with a pumice stone or handheld buffer
  • Use a foot cream to moisturise daily, especially in areas of high pressure