Managing Ingrown Toenails

There’s nothing quite as annoying as when you put on a pair of shoes, only for the corner of your toenail to start digging in to your toes. Ingrown toenails can be frustrating to manage, and even more frustrating to get rid of. Here are some tips for managing painful ingrown nails:

1 – Salt baths

Ingrown nails, especially those showing signs of infection, respond well to warm salt baths. Add 3 handfuls of salt to around 3 liters of water and soak your foot for 5 minutes. The warm water helps to soften the nail whilst the salt water flushes any pus out of the corner of the nail.

2 – Dry the nail

After each salt bath it helps to dry the nail. Firstly using a towel, then additionally using Betadine or Methylated Spirits. By drying the nail it improves the healing condition and reduces the risk of further infection.

3 – See your Podiatrist

For stubborn ingrown nails, your best bet will be to see your podiatrist. They will better be able to assess the severity of the nail, especially because they can get much closer to have a look, and determine the best course of action. Podiatrists can even use a local anaesthetic for nails that are particularly painful.

If you are having problems with recurrent ingrown toenails, call our clinic at (07) 3823 5423 to see a podiatrist and determine the best treatment for you.