Heel Callous and Cracked Heels – There is a solution

Cracking of thickened skin on the feet is common especially around the heels.

Thick cracked heel callous is not only unsightly, but if the cracks are deep enough they can often cause localised infection.

The cracks form because the heel takes more than its fair share of pressure in walking. This Causes the skin of the heel to react by thickening. When this skin dries out it cracks.

If the cracks are neglected for long enough they will split through the dead outer layer of the skin through to the living skin. This is very painful and also increases the risk of infection.

Fortunately there is a solution. With regular debridement (with a scalpel), your local podiatrist will be able to restore your heels to their former glory. 10-15% urea moisturiser is also recommended to keep your heels supple.

If you suffer from thickened or cracked heels please call the clinic today on 38235423 today.

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