Flat Feet & Painful Arches

When we refer to flat feet we are mainly talking about the flexibility of a person’s foot. Whilst there are cases of people with naturally flat feet, for most of us our arch simply flattens out due to our body weight when standing or walking. Several degrees of pronation (or rolling in) is normal for the foot to function, but what happens when it rolls in further than that? And why is it that some of us are prone to sore arches as well?

One of the biggest causes of arch pain when it comes to flat feet is the posterior tibialis muscle. Starting on the shin bone, the post tib muscle loops behind the inside of your ankle and connects directly into the bottom of your arch. When our feet roll in excessively the post tib muscle is stretched out and forced to work harder. With enough time and repetition this leads to pain at the connection point in the arch.

Often a new pair of supportive shoes can be enough to reduce the levels of pain. Shoes that reduce the amount of rolling in also reduce the load on the posterior tibialis muscle and relevant pain. In more severe cases the treatment required may include muscle strengthening and stretching as well as further support in your footwear in the form of an orthotic device.

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