Extra measures to keep you safe when you visit Active Care Podiatry

At Active Care Podiatry we are going to great lengths to ensure that your visit is a safe as possible.

What are these extra steps?

You will notice when you arrive at the clinic that you will be required to use hand sanitizer as you enter the clinic.

When you enter the clinic you will see a white line on the floor.  Please stay behind this white line so we can comply with our social distancing guidelines.

When making payments we ask you to use tap cards where possible and not to touch the bench or any furniture as you make your payment.

All doors handles and high risk areas for virus transmission are cleaned with high alcohol cleaner between every patient.

Any patient that has returned home from overseas in the last 14 days will be refused treatment.

Patients that are showing any flu like symptoms will be refused treatment.

Masks are available for any patient who would like to use one.

We will continue to update these procedures where needed.

These measures take a little more time than usually to implement so we ask for your patience when visiting out clinic.

Thank you for continuing to support our business during these difficult times.

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