Common foot injuries: Post Tibialis Pain

One of the more common and painful series of conditions we see as podiatrists relates to the posterior tibialis tendon. This muscle is responsible for holding the arch up during walking, preventing it’s collapse during the loading phase. For those with more flexible feet that pronate further than average this muscle can work particularly hard, making them more prone to overuse injuries.

For many this injury displays itself as pain in the middle of the arch, extending along the inside of the foot up and behind the inside of the ankle. This pain generally occurs during and after exercise in an aching or sharp manner.

The long-term concern with this condition is the possibility of the tendon failing and rupturing. In this case the arch can collapse, forcing the bones to reinforce this collapsed position which in turn reduces the flexibility of the foot.

Treatment for post tib tendon injuries involves managing the muscles that are weak or tight, supporting the foot using a combination of footwear, tape and orthotic innersoles and pain management. For help with ankle pain see on of our podiatrists. Call 07 3823 5423 to book an appointment.