Routine Treatment of Callous & Nails

With the average person walking around 10,000 steps per day this adds up to almost 150,000km over a lifetime. With that many kilometres it is important to take good care of our feet, so we can stay active and mobile. 

Maintaining good general foot health by yourself is not always easy. As we get older our nails become more brittle, thicker and much harder to cut. When you combine this with factors like poor eyesight, difficulty reaching your feet, or previous hip or knee replacements, cutting our nails can be quite tricky. At Active Care we offer general foot care, which involves the routine cutting of nails and removal of dead skin and corns. Regular foot care and maintenance can prevent many foot problems, and even reduce our risk of future foot complications and potential hospitalisations. 

Not only do our feet keep us walking and mobile, but they can tell tales about the rest of our body. Dry skin, brittle nails, burning, tingling or numbness in our feet can be warning signs for other health conditions. By attending regular check-ups with a podiatrist not only can they keep your feet feeling great, but aid in keeping you physically healthy as well. 

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