Foot Pain – General Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common affliction, with 3 out of 4 people dealing with some form of foot pain at some stage over their lifetime. Many people believe it is normal to have sore feet, and endure ongoing foot pain that can be treated. 

Whilst it is normal for the foot to change over the years due to wear and tear, foot pain can be an indicator of an underlying problem. When something in the body is incorrectly functioning it is often a message from the body that change is required. There are more than 300 different injuries and conditions that can cause pain in the feet. Structural abnormalities like excessively flat feet or bunions can lead to increased joint wear and tear. Pathological gait patterns like excessive pronation can overload muscles and cause pain as they try to function. New jobs and exercise routines often lead to pain as tendons and ligaments are being asked to work harder, whilst ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters and rubbing as well as other biomechanical problems. 

There is a range of treatment options available to provide pain relief for these conditions. Podiatrists are well versed at assessing the history of the pain and soreness to determine the cause, and the biomechanical and lifestyle factors that need to be addressed. Together with your podiatrist you can find the best management plan that improves comfort, reduces the risk of further medical problems, and gets you back to the activities you love. 

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