Foot Ankle Osteoarthritis - Treat your ankle pain at our Capalaba podiatry Clinic

As you age, your chance of developing osteoarthritis increases. Caused by wear and tear, the joint damage associated with osteoarthritis causes swelling, pain, and deformity. The word “arthritis” means “joint inflammation”, and is a general term for a group of more than 100 diseases. Arthritis involves inflammation and swelling of the body’s joints and surrounding soft tissue which can cause pain and stiffness. In some types of arthritis, progressive joint deterioration occurs which results in the loss of the smooth “cushioning” cartilage causing the bones rub and wear against each other. Arthritis can be a very painful and debilitating condition which eventually results in reduced motion, joint function, and joint deformities.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and is a degenerative joint disease. Inflammation and injury to the joint cause cartilage tissues to break down, which results in pain, swelling, and joint deformity. The onset of osteoarthritis usually occurs slowly over many years and becomes more common as people age. Although each foot has 28 bones and more than 30 joints, the joints of the foot that involve the heel bone, the inner mid-foot bone, the outer mid-foot bone, the big toe, the foot bone and the joint where the ankle and shinbone meet, are the most commonly affected foot joints.


  • – Symptoms of foot and ankle osteoarthritis often include:
  • – Tenderness or pain
  • – Reduced ability to move, walk, or bear weight
  • – Stiffness in the joint
  • – Swelling in the joint


Foot and ankle osteoarthritis can be treated in many ways including:

  • – Pads or arch supports
  • – Canes or braces to support the joints
  • – Inserts that support the ankle and foot (orthotics)
  • –Physical therapy
  • – Custom shoes
  • – Steroid medications injected into the joints
  • – Anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling in the joints
  • – Pain relievers
  • – Weight control


One of the most essential elements of foot care for people with foot and ankle osteoarthritis is wearing shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. Wear shoes that are shaped like your foot, have support, rubber soles, flexibility and fit properly.