Soft custom made orthotics Capalaba - why our Podiatrist makes soft orthotics

At Active Care Podiatry we specialize in the manufacture of soft custom made orthotics.

Custom made soft orthotics

We use state of the art 3d computer imaging technology to make our orthotics. This helps to make an orthotic that will exactly fit your foot and also correct any of your foot problems.

Our orthotics are made from cnc milled eva foam which is durable, lightweight and comfortable under the foot. Cnc milled foam orthotics are suitable for sports, running and general day to day wear.

Using our video gait analysis we are able to accurately detect and measure the extent of treatment needed to fix your foot pain as quickly as possible.

We have a variety of shapes available in our orthotics such as ladies dress, mens wide and regular. This helps us to make an orthotic that will not only support your foot but fit into a wider range of shoes.

If you are concerned about your feet please call our reception staff to arrange an appointment today.