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Custom made orthotics are used to treat the misalignment of the foot and lower limb. They reduce the stress and strain placed on the feet from everyday walking.

At Active Care Podiatry, we make a wide range of custom made orthotics. Our custom made soft orthotics are suitable for sport and work, so these tend to be the most popular. Custom made soft orthotics are a supportive and comfortable way to relieve foot and lower limb pains.

At Active Care Podiatry Capalaba we use the latest 3d scanning technology to ensure your orthotics are the correct fit for your foot.  Some images of scans can be seen below

3d Foot Scan - Used to make custom orthotics

Gait Analysis is used before custom made orhtotics are made

Video gait analysis helps us to accurately measure foot and gait (walking) abnormalities.

Soft comfortable orthotics are manufactured

Soft orthotics are then cnc milled from a block of eva foam to suit your foot condition. Because our orthotics are fully custom made we can adjust the density to suit your foot condition.

See an example of the custom soft orthotics below.

Because our orthotics are completely custom made we are able to make them in a density (hardness) to suit your foot condition.

Custom Orthotics Made At Active Care Podiatry Capalaba

If you would like to talk to one of our podiatrists regarding our soft orthotics, please call our reception on (07) 3823 5423 and arrange a time today.

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