Your Feet & Obesity

Did you know obesity can cause a wide range of foot ailments including heel pain and osteoarthritis? Do you experience fallen arches or have you noticed your feet or lower limbs are prone to swelling? If you are challenged by obesity, this may also be the cause. In fact any of these challenges can affect the way you walk, which can lead to what is known as ‘referred pain’ elsewhere in your body such as in your hips or knees.

When looking for the first steps to becoming more active, a great place to start is your feet! Your podiatrist can discuss any challenges you are experiencing in your feet, or in the way you walk or move.

Together, you and your podiatrist can hatch a plan to safely address these issues which can improve opportunities for physical activity and subsequent weight loss! Always talk to your GP as well, to ensure any weight loss plan is right for you.

If you are challenged by weight gain, your podiatrist can help to keep you on your feet, pain-free and therefore making physical activity more achievable and enjoyable.

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